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Get involved in environmental education programs and events as you guide your students to be conscientious stewards of the earth!


Programs and Events

  • Poster, Poetry, and Prose Exhibit

    The Poster, Poetry, and Prose Exhibit illustrates what Illinois students have learned in the Illinois EPA's environmental education program. Learn about this year's exhibit, and see the results from previous years.

  • Earth Stewardship Day

    The Earth Stewardship Day is an annual event for Sangamon County 4th grade students in order to expose them to the interdependence of humans and the natural resources.

  • Dive in!

    Dive In! is a free annual Illinois EPA-sponsored event that travels throughout Illinois each fall to teach grade school students about the importance of protecting and conserving one of our most precious natural resources: water.

Pathway Unit Resources

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What should I do with this trash?

Topics: Food Waste, Composting

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How does a bulb light?

Topics: Energy, Light

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Where does my food waste go?

Topics: Food Waste, Composting

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Why is the pond green?

Topics: Algae, Surface Water, Ecosystems

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Other Online Resources

These resources help you connect and engage with other teachers and curriculum materials in other subject areas.

Illinois Environmental Educator Resources

Looking for more information about environmental education in the state of IL? Learn how state and federal agencies are working to prepare today’s youth for protecting our environment.